'No Stuffing Turkeys!'

David Farrer

APRIL 2022 – MAY 2022


In early 2020, the world went tits-up and exhibitions came down before disappearing in a puff of smoke. We asked ourselves what next, start making sour dough bread, hoard toilet rolls or take up knitting? No, we carried on in the firm conviction that one day, this too shall pass.

‘No Stuffing Turkeys!’ is a collection of work made just before and during the pandemic with literally all the time in the world. Exotic locations, crowds & venues temporarily swapped for ‘my studio/kitchen/dining room wall’ and an intimate private view consisting of me, my wife, our dog and a papier mache penguin.

As we all know, time can’t keep a good Penguin (or his friends) down, they are on the march! From the rural environs of Oxfordshire for you to p-p-p-pick one up!


‘MOUNTED BUT NOT STUFFED’ includes a wonderful and varied menagerie of extraordinary creatures by the successful British artist David Farrer; his amazing and unique papier mache trophy heads have delighted audiences everywhere and won him international acclaim.

‘My favoured subject matter is ecological, having a strong interest in ‘green’ issues. My work reflects this. The recycled head concept came about in 1995 while working in South Africa. Over the years I have travelled extensively in this part of the world and never cease to be amazed by its beauty and abundant wildlife…. There are admirable wildlife protection policies in operation, yet hunting and specifically trophy gathering remains big business too. I decided to bridge the gap by producing a ‘recycled trophy’ that would satisfy the urge to hang an animal head on the wall but promote pro-ecological thought…Although the idea was born in Africa I have diversified into European and North American beasts, which to some sections of the public have more familiar appeal.’ David Farrer 2001