"I'm over the moon"


APRIL 2022 – MAY 2022


“I’m over the moon” is the First Solo Exhibition of Pink B, an Italian artist (1992) who prefers to remain anonymous. The exhibition consists of 20 Digital Artworks with which Pink B shows himself to the world and reveals his vision without veils.

Pink B is a multidisciplinary artist, coming from a background in music composition. He soon abbandoned the “classical” studies to specialize in electronic music and only later in painting. “I think that today an artwork must be open and should push us to an introspective analysis. While music is the best method to convey our meaning in an indirect way, painting and visual arts, on the other hand, succeed to be more direct. Why do we make art if not to convey our message? “

The recognizable trait of Pink B are the tears, which are stylized in most of the cases. “Why are you crying?”, says Opera 34. Which is like asking: “Why do a child cry?”. He cries because, probably, he is sad or uncomfortable, but he is at the same time the happier human being in the world. With the same simplicity Pink B poses questions to us, pushing us to see the world with equal freedom and authenticity of a child.

“We are all an alternation of joy and despair, constantly projected into the search of the right and the wrong. But these opposite attitudes do not perfectly compensate each other, in fact I think that our primordial spirit of happiness always prevails.”