APRIL 2022 – MAY 2022


AsiaHues will present KWIT as the second series of our Online 3D Exhibition. ‘code*art==marvelous’ by KWIT is an exhibition that displays the artist’s methods of experimenting using art and technology.

Over the centuries, art and technology were born out of the human desire to express oneself and understand the world. Though arts don’t seek to be in control and technology is one of human manifestation against nature, both worlds are a wonderful creation of the human imaginative minds. KWIT proposes a body of works experimenting with two different processes and methods. For the series of digital print works, they were created merely by algorithm while the series of acrylic and ink on Dó paper was made by the artist’s interpretation of ‘algorithm’ which include elements such as humidity, time, the surface tension of water and colour particles. KWIT believes that the most basic “system” would help us go back to the origin of the universe through algorithms. It is where the world will be full of bursting bits which they will move and dance together. They both result in beautiful colourful abstract patterns that might purposely confuse the audience based on the real and unreal in a digital and non-digital world.

Born in 1986, KWIT is a Vietnamese artist who graduated from the Oil Painting Department of The University of Fine Arts in 2010. He experiments with a range of media, from computer-aided acrylic painting to traditional Vietnamese paper giấy dó. His artworks reflect his playful attitude towards art-making, aiming to invite imagination from viewers. The artist’s liberating experimentation can be seen through abstract but visually direct images. Primary elements of art such as lines, colours, textures, space, and shapes, are the main inspiration as well as the subject in his works. In imagination, from primary elements, can transform into anything.