About A.V.G

About Athens Virtual Gallery

Artists from around the world exhibit their work…
to audience from around the world

Civil Art’s team welcomes you to Athens Virtual Gallery the online exhibition experience.

Even though we realise the importance of a physical space and the artworks to be displayed live in front of people, we also noticed the need of a space that is accessible to everyone from around the world, just with one click!
The idea behind this project is to create a platform where the artists can easily promote their work and get in contact with other artists, curators, art-enthusiasts & art collectors from around the world.

​The design of the virtual space gives the user the full potential of navigating through the exhibition and observing the artworks, just like in real life!

Renowned artists but also newcomers,
find in Athens Virtual Gallery a welcoming space.

Virtual Online Experience

We Support:

Actors, Singers, Painters, Gamers,
Writers, Jewelry Makers, Film & Video
Producers, Architects, Multimedia Artists
& Animators, Fashion Designers..

Exhibit with your Style:

Digital Twin Exhibition or Virtual Space Exhibition